Individual & Group Therapy

The choice between individual and group therapy is ultimately the client’s but may be suggested by the therapist after an initial assessment. Individuals may choose to participate in both group and individual therapy sessions.

In individual therapy, clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist in a “safe, caring, confidential environment. The therapist has a more focused and complete understanding of the client’s issues, and a more focused therapeutic alliance develops that may not be possible in group therapy.

In group therapy a number of clients discuss their problems together under the guidance of a therapist, using shared knowledge and experiences to provide constructive feedback about behaviors causing conflict in their lives. With the group comes a broader perspective on issues being addressed and opportunities to learn new skills from others in the group by  replicating their actions. The group process helps participants develop social skills, while learning to communicate and accept criticism from others. Participants occasionally develop strong and lasting relationships with some group members.

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